Zena Akua Crystal Gyasi was born on April 10, 1985 to Yaw and Rebecca Gyasi (native Ghanaians) in Grand Prairie, Texas. She was the youngest of 4 children.  Zena’s sisters are Lila, Bernice and Ellen. Her family affectionately called her Z.  Zena and the family grew up in Arlington, Texas.

As a young child Zena was quiet. But once she entered her teen years you couldn't get a word in edge wise! She was friendly and loved to help people. Her peaceful spirit carried great influence with her family members and her peers at school. Zena was an excellent student. Her passion for knowledge began at a very young age. All of her teachers’ kindergarten through high school always spoke very highly of her.

Zena attended school in Texas until she reached the 6th grade. It was then the family made the decision to move “back to their roots” by moving to Ghana. Moving back to Ghana afforded Zena the opportunity to attend a Ghanaian school for her 7th and 8th grade school years. Zena won several academic awards while attending school in the US and in Ghana

Cheshire Academy in Connecticut was the last school Zena attended. She completed her freshman and sophomore years of high school. She loved to read and she was very athletic; she played basketball, volleyball and tennis. Zena lead Cheshire Academy to their first winning season for basketball.  She was a true role model and leader within her community.

Zena died at the young age of 17 on Monday October 7, 2002 as a result of complications related to lupus. Her burial site is located in Ghana.

As a result of her untimely death, Ms. Bernice developed an organization in her honor and named it Zena's House. Zena's House was incorporated and received its non profit status in November 2004. Zena's House serves middle and high school students in metropolitan Atlanta through One Step Ahead Tutoring, Life's Essentials, and Project Exposure.
Since 2005, Zena's House has served hundreds of students through its’ 3 programs.

Zena’s legacy is alive and flourishing. Each time a student of Zena’s House is afforded an opportunity to visit a university, receive free tutoring, or go to see a live theater production and now travel to Ghana West Africa; we celebrate the life and memory of Zena Akua Crystal Gyasi!

Board of Directors

Bernice B. Bronson, MPH, President
Kimether Shari, MPH, Secretary
Riah Greathouse, Esq.
John Hollis
Natasha Lyles, Ph.D

Contact US

Bernice B. Bronson, MPH
P.O Box 262
Union City, GA 30291
Mobile: (678) 665-6506
Email: bernice@zenashouse.org